Sunday, November 23, 2008

Planning a Honeymoon

Why go on a honeymoon

For many brides and grooms, part and parcel of wedding planning involves planning for the honeymoon holiday, that is usually taken right after the wedding day. But why do newly weds go on such getaways? What is the benefit of it? Some people say that it is another extravagant excuse to spend money by the holiday resorts and crusie industry. But actually, honeymoons have been around for a long time.

By going on a honeymoon, it helps gives you and your new spouse the chance to settle into the brand new status of being a married couple away from other people. It also allows the newly wed the chance to freely express their affections without the hindrance (or interference) of friends, relatives, and commitments and responsibilities at work. It can also be a chance to allow the newly weds to form habits of affectionate companionship that will set the tone for their married life.

So if you can afford the time and the money, it is a good idea to plan a honeymoon getaway soon after your wedding for the reasons above.

Some considerations when you plan your honeymoon:

Your honeymoon should be planned around activities both of you enjoy. This will allow the both of you to be yourselves so that you can rest and relax better in each other’s company. If one of you does not enjoy the sun and the sand, then do not pick a beach resort for your holiday. You can have as much fun planning a city getaway, and this gives you both the chance to explore a new city that both of you have not been to before.

Keep the cost of the honeymoon well within your budget so you do not have financial worries on your mind during your time together. The last thing you want is to finance your honeymoon getaway on a credit card, or on a loan. Starting your married life together financially indebted is not a good beginning. If you can’t comfortably afford it soon after your wedding, there is nothing wrong with postponing it to a more appropriate time when you can afford it. There is no shame in it - lots of sensible people do it all the time!

Finally, keep in mind that the quality of the honeymoon does not depend on the amount of money you have spent on it. In fact, if you cannot afford the time or money for a honeymoon, you could just schedule some quiet time with your new spouse right in your hometown. Hibernate in your apartment with your new spouse. And use this time to build your initial marital bonds and establish the foundation for a lifetime of marital bliss.



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